Top tips for packing hand luggage for a weekend break

Considering a weekend break is just a short period away, lugging around a large suitcase really wouldn’t be necessary for this kind of travel. Plus, being a student you’d want to save as much money as possible. It means you can avoid paying that little extra for additional suitcases and instead, put this saving towards your spending money! You might not think that taking just hand luggage will be able to carry all the items you require, but when it’s done properly it can be relatively easy to pack for a weekend away with a lot less stuff. Here are some handy tips for you to help fit all your belongings into one easy carry-on.

Choose the correct bag

Nowadays, it’s relatively common for people to take luggage in hard, wheeled cases but these can sometimes be a little heavy and can stop you from packing the most into you luggage. Instead of this, consider taking a soft-sided luggage case like a hold-all or one that fits on wheels, as long as it fits within the airline’s parameters for carry-cases.

Heaviest clothing should be worn when you travel

If you’re travelling to somewhere hot, then it would make sense that the majority of the items you take will be lightweight. It does tend to get rather cold when you travel on the plane though, so consider wearing long-sleeve clothing like a hooded top, tracksuit bottoms, so you’re comfortable, and potentially a jacket. What’s handy about hooded tops and jackets is that you can also stuff items into your pockets. Airlines may weigh your bag but they don’t weigh you!

Roll your clothes rather than folding

It’s still bamboozling trying to understand how this works, but it’s tried and tested, and it definitely works. It’s also a great way to avoid creases on your clothes too, so all that ironing you did before won’t go to waste. Stuff your underwear in the corners and put socks in any shoes that you have to save even more space.

Only choose clothing that you’ll need

We understand that you want to look good whilst on holiday, but in order to make sure you can fit everything in your bag you need to be ruthless with what you pack. Travelling somewhere hot will most likely mean you’ll be in swimwear and less likely to need clean tops every day. Pack the essential items and only pack 2 or 3 of each. 

Don’t pack items you don’t need

Depending on the accommodation you’re staying at, there’s likely to be items that you can use there already. Hotels are common for doing this. If you’re doing more of an Airbnb or a luxury Algarve villa, you may have to reconsider and double check. Examples of items that tend to be provided include hairdryers, towels and the odd toiletry. This will save you plenty of space in your luggage for other items. Remember that you can only take up to 100ml bottles of liquid with your clear, sealed bag so it’ll just be travel-sized toiletries that you can take. You can easily buy sun-tan lotion when you get there.

And that’s it! Consider these essential tips when you’re travelling and you’ll be able to get the most out of your holiday for very little. Save space, time and money so you can focus more on the things that matter, like which drink you’re ordering at the bar first or which part of the pool you’re going to reserve for your stay.

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