Top tips for staying fit and healthy during exam season

During that final stretch of the semester, we tend to put our lives on hold, and our bodies are usually the first to suffer. Aside from that “freshman 15,” you’re at risk of gaining another fifteen pounds during those long all-nighters accompanied with Red Bulls and Ben and Jerry’s. We tend to neglect all of our healthy habits and give in to weeks of the sedentary lifestyle with little or no self-care at all. Below are the top tips for how to stay fit and healthy during this year’s dreary season of exams.


This doesn’t mean getting up at 6am and going for an early morning jog in the park. The most simple things like getting off your couch to clean up your room or dancing to your favorite song is sometimes a sufficient physical activity that your body and mind will thank you for once the exam period is over. Leave your apartment and run some errands on foot and bike – an hour a day will definitely not hurt your studying process.


First, you need to purge your fridge of alcohol, junk food, and sweets. Taking care of your diet is number one on the path to keeping your body happy, healthy, and beautiful. Stack up on raw food, fruits, and veggies and keep your fridge full enough to not have to order takeout every single night. Building time in your study routine to actually cook real meals is extremely important to foster healthy eating habits. Most importantly – do not skip meals, for this is a common and dangerous mistake among those who want to lose weight. Eating on schedule and eating clean is the key for staying strong, energetic, and healthy.

Work out at home 

It’s true that exams make us stress out and sweat, but sadly that’s not enough to keep us in shape. Every college student’s favorite excuse for not hitting the gym this month or last month or the month before that is that it’s time-consuming and they have to study. Invest in quality fitness equipment and set up a home gym for those lazy cozy days. Plus, this may motivate your roommate to become your gym buddy! Besides the visible benefits of regular workouts, remember that this also releases endorphins, which make you more energetic and put you in a much better mood for studying and coping with any stress that a typical day can throw your way.

Have a good night’s sleep 

Yes, exam periods are stressful and time-consuming, and every student would rather deprive himself or herself of sleep than fail a class. However, you need to take into consideration all of the side effects of sleep deprivation before you opt for a week-long all-nighter. A lack of sleep reflects negatively on both your personal and academic life. Poor sleepers tend to be irritable, depressed, disoriented, and prone to obesity. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for one’s beauty, well-being, and productivity. Therefore, do not deceive yourself with a sleepless study marathon, but instead stick to a regular bedtime.


It’s not only your body that suffers during the exam period, but your mind as well. The more you push yourself, the less concentration and energy you have. This is why you need to take a break from time to time and relax. Meditation and yoga are excellent forms of exercise for both the mind and body. They help us cope with stress and anxiety, and they offer additional benefits to our physical well-being.

Your well-being should always be a priority, no matter what period of your life, education, or career that you’re going through at the moment. Revive that natural desire to look and feel good and don’t let one stressful month during final exams stand in your way.

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