Top tips to make YOU the library fashion icon

6556785829_c4eef4e568_mThe library is not only a place to study, but it is often the heart of a University. Everyone can be seen in the library at one point or another – from your tutors to your best friends to that fittie from your lecture.  So as much as you want to go to the library with unwashed hair, a bare face and in your joggers, the likelihood is that it would be frowned upon, seeing as the library is becoming the ultimate place to showcase your newest fashion finds.

Although style is the main issue here you still want to want to be comfortable when having a library session because you may well be in there for a long time. So here are some easy ways to stay stylish without compromising on comfort.

Boyfriend Coat

An oversized boyfriend coat is a must-have item for the winter months, perfect to throw on when you’re heading for a revision session in the library. Any colour and texture will do it’s all about the shape with this coat. As long as it is oversized and cosy then you can chuck it on over every outfit and still look chic.

Statement Necklace

This is a great way to update any outfit. Statement necklaces come in all shapes and sizes and can be a really cheap and easy way to bring life to a plain outfit. They are all over the high street providing many options to suit any budget. Topshop and H&M have a good range of stylish, colourful and affordable necklaces that can  really modernize an outfit.


Trainers are fast becoming the shoe of choice amongst the student world and it’s understandable why. Trainers are  comfy, fashionable and versatile and with so many options on the market nowadays, there’s a pair out there to suit everybody’s tastes. The comfort of these sporting shoes is perfect when making the long trek to the library with a bag full of books.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are the perfect way to dress down an outfit, they are the perfect casual element needed when putting together a comfortable library ensemble. Ripped jeans come in all different shapes, styles and colours, my personal favourites are skinny and boyfriend fit jeans with rips on the knees; these really give an outfit an edgy element.

Baggy Shirts

Baggy oversized shirts are the epitome of style at the moment. They can be worn in so many different ways and are extremely comfy whilst looking bang on trend. Shirts come in all different shapes, prints and styles making them an essential for creating effortless style.

Vintage Jumper

Vintage pieces are great for creating an individual look; vintage jumpers can be purchased cheaply from charity shops, car boots and vintage stores. They’re a really good way of keeping cosy in the library during the cold winter nights.


Heeled boots, ankle boots, studded boots or knee high boots, any type of boot will do.  Boots are an easy option, they go with everything, look cute and keep your toes warm. They provide a fail-safe way to stay stylish while slogging away in the library.

Faux Fur Gilet

A gilet provides an extra layer as well as being a fun way to add texture to an otherwise bland outfit. Faux fur gilets are all over the high street this season and look chic when thrown on with baggy knitwear, skinny jeans and ankle boots.

Oversized handbags

An oversized bag is a university essential. You can pack your whole life into an oversized back or in this case your whole uni life and head to the library for a full day of work. They are big enough to fit your laptop, notebooks and multiple textbooks to ensure you have a successful working day.

Silk joggers

If they are good enough for the Kardashians then they are good enough for us. Silk joggers could not be more perfect for a day in the library, not only are they bang on trend but they feel like you’re wearing pyjamas as they’re that comfortable.


So if you want to be the envy of all your peers in the library this coming semester, spend a little of your loans on these style essentials to ensure you are the epitome of fashion on campus.

Photo Credit: Leather fashion fashionista via Compfight cc

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