Travelling tips to ensure you make the most of your adventures!

Travelling Tips - Africa StudioExams are nearly over and the end of the university year is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing …. Summer is almost here!

I’m sure everyone has fabulous summer plans and this summer it seems that more people than ever are choosing to go travelling the world. Whether it be Australia, Thailand, America or India you are set for an incredible adventure.

Travelling is such an amazing experience and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, but it is essential that you are properly prepared in order to have the best possible time and make it the best few months of your life.


Here are a few tips that can help you make the most of your time travelling;

– Firstly you should invest in a good quality backpack, this way it will be easier to lug around with you when moving from place to place and is a lot lighter and more convenient than your average suitcase.

-Good backpacks usually are very big and you can fit a lot in them but don’t get carried away, remember you will be carrying it around a lot so make sure you pack light.

-Think about where you are going and what you’re going to be doing whilst you are away and pack accordingly. For example if you’re going to Thailand you will need shorts, vests and flip flops but you may want to visit the temples so remember to pack loose clothes that will cover you up.

– When it comes to spending money the best thing to do is take a small amount of cash for when you arrive but keep the rest on a debit/credit card or on a travel money card, this way you don’t have to carry a lot of cash around and it is a lot safer.

-Make sure you have all the necessary visas and paperwork at the ready for when you get to the boarder or you’ll be at risk of not being allowed into the country, which could be a nightmare.

– Try and be as flexible as possible so that you can change your plans if you wanted to, as when you are there many people will recommend things for you to do that you don’t have planned. Also it means that if you want to stay somewhere you can or, you can leave whenever you want.

-Always have your wits about you. I know this is something your mother would say but you need to stay safe and be aware of what is happening at all times. You may end up in some not so nice places, so always just be as careful as possible and if you don’t feel safe somewhere then leave.

-Be open minded! You will see so many new things when you are out in the world so embrace them, learn about the different cultures and grasp every opportunity that is thrown at you.

– Lastly, be confident! The more confident and friendly you are the more people you will meet and the better time you will have!

So for all of you out there who are lucky enough to be jetting off to all the corners off the world, stay safe, take a million pictures and have the time of your life.

Happy travelling!

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