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There have been many trends in our lifetimes that have come and gone in the matter of a few months (and we have been happy to say goodbye to), just as there will be many trends that are yet to come, so it can sometimes be difficult to know which ones to invest in. We’ve done the research for you and here are a few trends that we love and think will be sticking around long into the new year! 


Embroidered Boots

Everyone loves a good boot! Everyone loves an embroided, unique piece of clothing! I’m suprised no-one put the two together sooner! Embroided shoes have been everywhere yet the joy of these is that no two are the same! Whether you’re a lover of some pink and blue birds to jazz up an outfit or prefer some more subtly black and silver, there is an embroided shoe to suit everyone! 

You can find embroided shoes on a variety of different price steps, from Primark to Anthropologie. One of our faves are the Besha Boot from Just Fab. Everything a boot should be, they’re comfy and add height whilst adding detail to an outfit.




We all love to wear something soft against our skin but the velvet and suede trend came out in full force and appears to be getting stronger! If you’re a lover of velvet then you’ll have seen skirts, tops, dresses, shoes, bags, you name it and it will have a velvet/suede counterpart. 

Velvet doesn’t just have to come in black though (it does look pretty great on a night out!). Why not jump head first into this trend and try something new. We think these pink Billy Jean flats by Just Fab are a great take on the trend, allowing you to stand out from the crowd with something different whilst also allowing you to be perfectly in fashion!





Lace will always be in fashion. It’s been in fashion since the 16th century and doesn’t show any sign of disappearing in 2018! When worn in the right way, it can really make a so so outfit into something special! 

We recommend something subtle like this Lace Fit and Flare Dress from JustFab . It comes in a variety of colours (black, green and pink) with a detailed lace top matched with a simple and very flattering skater skirt. Perfect for most body shapes and effortless to wear!

Let us know what trends you’d love to see continue into 2018 or if you agree with out list! 

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Brittany Guymer

Editor of the Student Wire | Studying PR and Journalism at Leeds Beckett | Lover of good music and all things quirky | Easily bribed with mini eggs

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