A Tuffit is for life, not just for Uni

If you haven’t yet heard about the latest must-have in home fitness, prepare to be amazed by the Tuffit by Fit for Keeps.

It’s a brand new concept in fitness designed to give you all the benefits of cardio and strength training in one neat little package – no need for the usual treadmills or weight machines, this little beauty does it all. But you could be forgiven for thinking it’s actually a footstool, as the creators behind this exciting invention have deliberately designed it to look like furniture.

It’s supported by over 150 programmes that you can access online for free – so no chance to get bored – and you can even workout with a buddy, ideal if you need a bit of housemate encouragement to get you motivated.

Designed Sarah Lambley, former Global Brand Director of ghd and Jenny Garside, Personal Trainer and Multi-Titled World Figure Champion, the Tuffit is revolutionising the way people think about home fitness, as Jenny explains:

“Combining cardio and resistance training is a great way to speed up the metabolism (the rate at which your body burns fat). It also takes up less time than doing separate programmes and retains all the benefits.  Why spend an hour just doing steady cardio when you can do both – and even watch TV at the same time?”

Priced at £299, it might be a little on the premium side for your average student pocket, but don’t forget, a Tuffit is for life, not just for Uni! It’s an investment you’ll be able to take with you wherever you go (because it fits in anywhere).

Watch the Tuffit demo video on the Fit for Keeps website to find out more or for your chance to Win a Tuffit, visit the Fit for Keeps Facebook page.







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