TV is back with a bang

When Christmas starts to approach, TV series start to come to an end and the floods of Christmas specials grace our screens. Lucky enough as soon as New Year is out of the way it starts to pick up again and this time TV is back with a bang.

Only 5 days into the New Year and the much awaited second series of Broadchurch was back on ITV and it did not disappoint. If you didn’t watch the first series then I recommend that you do, binge watch it if you must and get on track with the latest series. So much drama and suspense, it really plays on your emotions and has already left me wanting more after just one episode!

Tonight has even more for you to look forward to, E4 is bringing back The 100 and showcasing the latest series of Supernatural for the first time in the UK from 9pm onwards. If you have Netflix at your disposal and enjoyed Pretty Little Liars when it was on our screens then you’ll love the fact that all four series are now available online. Come Monday Girls will be back on Sky Atlantic and American Horror Story is returning to Fox on Tuesday… if you can stand the terrifying watch before bed.

The classic Big Bang Theory is back with new episodes on E4 on the 15th January shortly followed by Brooklyn Nine Nine – I could never quite take to it but some of you might like it! When you’re heading back to uni, the dates that all of these shows are on can tend to be pretty useless though, I seem to watch everything on catch-up or online. If you are a Netflix subscriber then I hear that the new Netflix Original Series, Marco Polo is meant to be worth a watch and I will definitely be tuning in on my boyfriends, cousins, girlfriends account…

For a full list of all of the latest shows coming back to the UK, check out Geek Town.

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