Two Sweet Things To Enjoy This Summer

Summer is sweet. But it can be made sweeter with these two tasty goodies that we discovered this week!

Brew Your Own Lager

Hosting a party or sitting the sun and it often feels like something is missing. For many that could be music, but for me it’s a nice refreshing drink. A product definitely worth a try is the Brew Your Own Lager Kit.

It’s easy to use and contains everything you could possibly need to create your own delicious lager. All ingredients are pre-weighed, all you need is water. With only a ten minute preparation time you can then enjoy your beer after just one week direct from your Brew Barrel, just pull out the tap, turn and enjoy!

The lager can be stored both in room temperature or in the fridge so whether you fancy ice cold refreshing lager or simply something to quench your thirst, it can be made to suit you. A small gathering with friends mean you have enough alcohol for days or large party means you have enough alcohol for hours of fun! It’s delicious, easy to pour and always enjoyable!! 

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Boxes


Elizabeth Shaw have made great chocolates since 1881 and their new selection of textures and flavours make these new chocolates just as tasty and mouthwatering as the last. Buy them for a celebration, a gift or simply because they’re delicious and you want some nice chocolate!
Elizabeth Shaw Original Chocolate Crisp (RRP £3.99) combines delicious chocolate with ’melt in the mouth’ honeycomb pieces, keeping to the original recipe to create a truly moreish taste. With an offering of the original dark chocolate mint, milk chocolate mint, and new milk chocolate orange and milk chocolate salted caramel, there is a box to suit all tastes.

Elizabeth Shaw Flutes (RRP £2.59) are the perfect treat. Each flute is filled with a selection of tasty flavours within a smooth chocolate baton. Each flute encases a rich infusion of flavour which comes in a choice of mint, amaretto, orange or cappuccino.

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Collection (RRP £5.99) is a sophisticated selection of delicious dark and milk chocolates infused with their specially selected mint oil. The arrangement includes the original mint crisp and tantalising flutes, presented in a stylish gift box.
For further information on the full range visit

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