Typical exam time library dwellers

At this point in the year we’re all busy working away, ready for the dreaded January exams and deadline dates. By now, if you aren’t in the library by 10am the likeliness of getting a computer/tablet space is slim to none unless you wait until 7pm when the day dwellers start to scatter and it begins to quieten down again. If you are a frequent library attendee during January and May then you will have started to notice the types of people that end up gathering here.

The Last Minuter

This person will usually arrive at 3pm on a Sunday with 3,000 words due for 12pm on the Monday. Usually accompanied with multiple energy drinks and a slightly regretful look on their face. If they’ve managed to finish their assignment due in for 12pm then you can put good money on the fact that they may also have an exam at 9am on the same Monday and their decision was simple. One or the other… afterall you are allowed to drop your lowest mark, right?

The Gaggle of Girls

The gaggle usually rock up in a minimum of pairs, they sit in the same place everyday and are very focused… until they aren’t. Then it’s chaos, high pitched giggles over conversations that would baffle most people. They somehow know everyone that passes their way and you can bet that they’ll end up having an in-depth conversation with them, distracting you even further. They are working hard though, it’s just the odd break and passerby…

The Cruncher

The clues in the name. The cruncher doesn’t believe in soft foods, or chewing quietly. With less than a metre distance between you and this stranger, they persist to chow down on a packet of Walkers Cheese & Onion – Extra Crunchy of course. No doubt followed up with something equally as crunchy or chewy, anything that causes loud noises to come from their snack time.

The “Can-You-Close-Your-Lunch-Box”-er

Similar to the Cruncher in that it is food related but so very different. This person has probably whipped up a treat in the kitchen the night before with every intent on bringing the leftovers for their library lunch. There is one big problem with this however… it STINKS. We were victim to this over the weekend… the worlds sweatiest lasagne had no lid on it for the entire day. The worst part of it was… she didn’t even eat it! Criminal.

The Full-Timer

This person seemingly never leaves. You arrive at the library at 9am, they’re there. You go out for dinner and remember you’ve forgotten to print something, so you nip back in at 10pm… they’re still there. No matter what time of day you arrive or leave, they Full-Timer still seems to be there. Sleep and nutrition don’t seem to be a necessity to this person, they are part of the library now.

The Social Gathering

Do they have a home or a local hangout? Well, yes… it’s the library. Usually accompanied with a laptop and little else, the social gathering accumulate around a table and accomplish nothing. The laptop is merely a prop whilst they catch up on their Christmas break or reminisce about last semester. I don’t know when they get their work done but it is certainly not in the library.

The Deaf One

Bring your earphones, you’re going to need them. This person has theirs in too but the volume is on unbearably loud that it is hurting your ears and you’re 2 metres away from them! How this person is still able to hear at regular decibels is astonishing and the whole library glare in disapproval as they listen to their third deep house playlist on volume 25. Not cool guys.

So who else is dwelling in your uni library at this time of year? I’d be here all, distracting myself from the revision that I should be doing if I continue to list the Leeds Beckett dwellers…

Photo Credit: Deathexit12 via Compfight cc

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