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Summer 2016 is finally upon us. Nearly every student has finished their first, second or third year with the exception of varied university students still sitting their final exams and handing in their final assignments – if this is you – keep pushing and good luck. As for the rest of us, we’ve got to summer and we’re all asking the same question; “What do we do with the next few months?”.

A lot of us will be going home over summer, perhaps working or looking for work experience. First Years will be getting ‘Freshers Blues’ – you’ve had a taste of university and made some amazing friends but now you’ve hit summer and 99.9% of you are having to move home because you can’t move into your student house yet. You’re feeling lost, just trying to get through summer so your second year can start. Second Years have worked hard and partied harder and are now hitting summer and thinking “Oh my god, I’m actually going to be in Third Year, Help”; basically preparing for the busiest year at uni whilst at the same time working to make some money. Third Years, you have now finished university and questioning the next step whilst living in a constant state of relief and “Oh my god, where am I going next?”. Therefore, summer for all years, is a funny old time.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m studying at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. I’ve had two years to explore the various sights, buildings, museums and more. So, if you’re looking for something to do during summer, a day trip to Lincoln is a must – especially if the sun is shining because Lincoln in the sun is absolutely stunning. Here are 5 things that I would recommend you do on a visit into Lincoln.


  1. Lincoln Cathedral


One of Europe’s finest Gothic buildings, one of the tallest in the world, that dominates Lincoln’s skyline.” 


When you hear ‘Lincoln’, the majority of people will think of its cathedral. Since being in Lincoln I’ve visited the cathedral multiple times – I even performed in it at Christmas. No matter how many times I visit the cathedral it never stops being beautiful. The entire building is just breath taking. There are various tours that you can take, ones that explore the lower levels of the building and also roof tours – these are tours I still need to take myself but reviews from friends say that it is definitely worth it. When I was visiting Lincoln for my open day, I visited the cathedral and I must admit, it sold Lincoln to me. You can spend anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours in the cathedral and it’s definitely a must see.

Find other details and descriptions at the following link: Lincoln Cathedral


2. Lincoln Castle


“Discover a world of rich history at Lincoln Castle, dating back to 1068 and home to one of only four surviving copies of Magna Carta.”


Again, the castle goes hand in hand with the cathedral when you hear the word ‘Lincoln’. The Castle has very recently undergone renovation, meaning you can now walk along the castle walls, which hasn’t been possible for nearly 500 years, and visit the Victorian Prison, the only one to exist in Europe. You can also visit the Magna Carter which is definitely the main attraction of the castle and a must-see. If none of that interests you, simply walk through the castle grounds, take a picnic and just sit on the grass and enjoy the sun – castle grounds are free to enter unless there is an event so make sure you check what’s on and when.

Find other details and descriptions at the following link: Lincoln Castle


3. Museum of Lincolnshire Life


“Enjoy free entry to the largest and most diverse community museum in Lincolnshire celebrating the counties’ rich and varied history.”



The Museum of Lincolnshire Life is an adorable little museum located on Burton Road in Lincoln. The exhibitions explore Victorian Lincolnshire with a combination of war time, Victorian, vehicles and many other artefacts. There’s a play area and climbing frame in the centre of the museum for children, as well as tables and benches for adults to sit around and enjoy the weather and beauty of this small museum. There is a quaint cafe to grab a drink and a bite to eat as well as a museum gift shop. Everything in the museum has been donated by the local residents – with a few exceptions – therefore, it’s even more interesting to know that these artefacts and exhibitions are filled with items that aren’t too far from home. Again, it’s a lovely little place to explore if you want to understand more about Lincoln’s history and it’s free! So, definitely a place worth visiting. 

Find other details and descriptions at the following link: Museum of Lincolnshire Life


4. The Collection


“The Collection is an award winning archaeology museum located next to the Usher Gallery, in the heart of historic Lincoln.”



The Collection is another little time killer to explore whilst in Lincoln. It’s located in the heart of the city which means it’s in a prime position for exploring. The gallery is full of historical exhibitions to explore around – all suitable for both children and adults.

Find other details and descriptions at the following link: The Collection


Now there is an NEVER ENDING list of things to do in Lincoln and way too much to do in just one day. For a lovely but relaxed day in Lincoln, I’d suggest visiting all three of the attractions above, exploring the town and finally visiting my favourite tea room in all of Lincoln. (I know, you’re thinking: “Finally, he’s talking about food!”)


5. Grayz Tea Rooms in the Bail


“A homely atmosphere, traditional cream teas and freshly homemade cakes in the heart of Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter.”


I discovered this tea room during Easter in my first year. It’s located in the most beautiful part of Lincoln, the bail, down a quiet and peaceful side street. The staff are absolutely lovely and their food is to die for. They do various teas and coffee, sandwiches and baguettes, as well as cake and much much more. It’s fairly cheap and with how lovely everything is, you can easily spend more money than you bargained for. It’s the perfect tea room for a break in a busy day of sight seeing and personally, a 100% must to go to if you’re around Lincoln.

Find other details and descriptions at the following link: Grayz Tea Room


These are the most important places to visit if you are coming to Lincoln for the first time and need something to do during summer. If you need any more information Lincoln, feel free to visit my personal WordPress: JustGeorgeJ or email me at: justgeorgej@outlook.com and if you’re around Lincoln, make sure to say hi! I’d be happy to make new friends and give you a tour! 

Go to the ‘Visit Lincoln‘ website for more information. 

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