The Ultimate Student Speaker – Intempo

Intempo Tailgate LED Bluetooth  Speaker.

Intempo have officially kicked it up a notch with this LED speaker. Perfect for both a chilled night in, or our wild student parties! 

The speaker has a built-in rechargable battery, meaning you can plug it in whenever, and get it ready before you go. The wireless bluetooth connection enables any smartphone, tablet or mp3 player to connect wherever you are, as long as you’re within a range of 10m – which is pretty impressive?!? With a 10W front speaker and LED lights, it really has the power to make any occasion a party! 

The speaker also has a microphone input, which is perfect for them house karaoke nights (or if you just like to sing). With a USB cable or an aux input too, there are multiple ways to get the party started and the music playing. Connecting up to a speaker has never been so much easier!

When getting this speaker, my house were super excited. Its safe to say that we had to re-charge it the first day we got it… We’re obsessed, it’s been on every day since! 

The quality and volume of the speaker tops any other that I have seen from Intempo! This speaker has everything to it! From a deep bass, to LED lights, and a mic!! What more could you ask for a speaker? 

Being light in weight, the speaker is easily portable which allows us to move it from place to place with ease. 

This is definitely not a product you want to miss. A student-friendly price is available on Amazon, alongside the Intempo  website. 

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