Uni Essentials You Didn’t Realise You Needed

So you’re off to uni. You’ve packed your bedding, clothes and lots and lots of alcohol right? You’ve hundreds of boxes all piled into the boot of the car. You feel as though you’ve packed everything but yourself but hang on? Aren’t you forgetting something?

Here are some of the most commonly forgotten about essentials that you definitely need in order to survive uni.

Pain Killers

Whether you’re the type that’s prone to headaches or not, these will definitely be making an appearance amongst those essentials during freshers week! We all know that in order to fully immerse ourselves into the uni experience, freshers is the time to dress up, get out and meet our new friends/enemies. But the late nights and fun memories come at a cost, especially the morning after the night before. There’s also that dreaded freshers flu! Sharing a house with strangers also means sharing their germs, lovely. Don’t let your freshers experience be ruined by illness.


A healthy body means a healthy mind and all that. A healthy body all means we can drink more. I bet that’s got you listening! You should never drink on an empty stomach. You know that. I know that. Everybody knows that. But new research has shown that eating healthily before a quick trip to the pub will actually reduce the negative affects of alcohol in the morning. Just another reason to eat right, and in my opinion the best reason. One of the best brands for making healthy eating super easy is Sistema, and as a student it needs to be easy! Their new range of microwaveable products has definitely made my life super easy. From steam cooking rice and vegetable to poaching eggs, just stick it in the microwave and enjoy the deliciously healthy results. Perfect results every time!


Surprisingly, plants are a great way to make a room feel more like a home and make you feel more rooted (hahahaha). Whether you enjoy the fact that they add instant colour and scent to a room or even that they give you something to do and care for if you get bored, we can all agree that they’re a cheap way to make your accommodation feel a bit more homely. If you’re not naturally a green fingered kinda guy/gal then why not consider an air plant? Not roots and only needed a flick of water once a week, these are a quick an sure-fire way to bring the great outdoors indoor and with it, a breath of fresh air. Or even a cactus, looks good with 0% attention required.



Okay, so this may be quite an obvious one but in the mad rush to stock up on alcohol (agreeably also quite important!) you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to buy a pen. Now you may not be on a Journalism course but I can guarantee that whether you study Drama or ICT, you will need to pick up a pen or highlight a sentence at some point during your university experience. The perfect all round company for this has to be BIC. Their new range of 15 piece sets are the perfect choice to see you through the year. The highlight 15 set really came in handy during my revision and as a Journalism Student, I’m sure they will be of great use when I purchase my next set of books. Their 15 piece writing set contains little bit of everything you could possibly need all in one small bundle. There is not a single flaw to BIC, their pens write effortlessly, have a long life span and are super comfort to grip. Definitely a wise purchase before heading up to uni.

Worry EaterDSC01051

Maintaining your mental health whilst at uni is crucial, that goes without saying. The stress of living independently, moving away from friends and being thrown head first into adult life as well as tackling a social life, maintaining good grades, having a job and gaining valuable work experience; it’s no wonder that students feel the strain! Worry Eaters have been designed with this mind. Psychologically proven to reduce stress through one of the oldest know methods (to share a problem is to halve it), anyone can write down their problem and then ‘feed’ it through the zip mouth. This will definitely become one of the essentials when exams start!

What were your essentials during your first year at uni? Let us know, in the comments or on our twitter page, what you couldn’t survive out during freshers.

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Brittany Guymer

Editor of the Student Wire | Studying PR and Journalism at Leeds Beckett | Lover of good music and all things quirky | Easily bribed with mini eggs

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