Uni Life: Going Beyond Freshers

ID-10092498For those joining university this year you will be either waiting patiently to move to your new city or in the full swing of fresher’s now. And boy isn’t it great?! Mum and dad have left you to fend for yourself for, more than likely, the first time ever. A nice big chunk of money, in the form of a student loan, has landed in your bank account and there are tons of like-minded people around you. What could be better?

Not to put a dampener on this wonderful experience, most of the rest of your first year as a uni student will be a world apart from fresher’s week. So get your head clear and ready for the year ahead.

Just remember a few key tips:

• The living situation- First year students count yourselves very lucky! The rent for student halls can be pretty astonishing but on the other hand, all the bills are (usually) included, the majority also include heating, which can be used as much as possible and the internet is already there and sorted, so make the most of all of this whilst you can! It’s pot-luck as to who you are put to live with. Sometimes you can meet your new life-long best friends in the bedroom next door. In that case, brilliant! But again, some unfortunate ones might be living with a person who is completely opposite in every way. This can be hard on both (or all) of the people living there. So agree to disagree when it comes to it and try to make the best out of a bad situation.

• The money situation- Student loan? Check. Student overdraft? Check. Life-long savings? Maybe for some! Yeah, that’s right; you are finally in charge of your own money. So how is it possible that after only 2 weeks of living at uni you’re already down to your last £100, with 3 months of term left to go? Money seems to disappear into thin air; it’s one of the many things you will learn at university. SO get ahead of the game and start to budget what you do have. Trust me, after a few weeks 17p Tesco value instant noodles will start to taste like ya’ mam’s roast dinner. And even better, 50p drinks in the local SU to help wash them down.

• The ‘actually having to go to uni’ situation- It’s easy to forget with all the fun, but you have actually gone to university for one main reason, to learn and study your chosen course. It is easy to fall behind within the first couple of weeks as there as so many other things going on, lectures seem to fall into last place. If this does happen make sure you speak to your course leader, explaining that you have missed the first (very important) few lectures and/or seminars and get caught up with the rest of the course. At £9,000 a year on tuition fees you’ll want to get your money’s worth!


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