University Beauty Must-Haves

Have a make-up deep clean and go back to basics with these beauty essentials. We can guarantee that you will need them during those early uni mornings!

Cotton Buds

Cotton Buds are a god send when it comes to having to apply your eye makeup in a hurry. We all know that eyeliner can be a pain on the best of days and so when applied in a hurry, you can bet your bottom dollar that mistakes will be made. A simple cotton bud can work miracles. Just sweep under the eye to completely remove makeup or wet the ends to smudge. For only £1 for 200 buds, you can stash up on these must-haves at any local beauty shop.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.54.43Travel Hair Straightener

As a student you will travel. Whether that’s between your accommodation and home for the weekend or on your weekends away with your new girlies, you’ll soon get sick of carting all your beauty essentials around with you. One of our ‘must-haves’ is a portable hair straightener. Small, lightweight and just as powerful as a regular sized straighter, the new Tony and Guy collection at Boots is a must.


Those early mornings will take there toll at some point. 9am may not seem like an early start but after a couple of weeks, you’ll be wondering how on earth you ever managed to get up for 7am for school. One of the ugly sides of uni is that you’re skin will struggle to adjust. Your first couple of months will see your skin struggle with the sudden change of diet and your eyes will struggle with the late nights and ‘early’ mornings. Concealer will be your knight in shiny army and regardless of whether you wear it now, it will soon be making a regular appearance in your make-up bag.


To help soothe your angry skin, a moisturiser will be needed. Any will do. however, I’ve recently been introduced to PawPaw. Not only a great moisturiser in a small portable bottle but it also doubles up as lip balm. The perfect new arrival for your handbag. Especially for those winter months!

Makeup Wipes

Nothing beast a face wipe for quick removal of make-up. After those long, but never quite long enough, nights out, you’ll be needed a quick makeup remover before you hop into bed. I’ve never found a liquid remover that I like, and I’ve tried a lot! Instead, I prefer to opt for the Cucumber Face wipes from Bodycare. Removes all makeup in one swipe, even benefit, and it only costs £1 for 75 wipes! You can’t really go wrong!


What are your beauty must-haves? Let us know in the comments or on our twitter page.

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