University crime rankings – how safe is your city?

How safe is your city? StuRents conducted research this month into the university crime rankings of cities in the UK. The results were surprising.

The research covers 64 towns and cities, taking into account 535,468 crimes spanning the last year. Whilst the crimes affected both students and non-students alike (as no data is currently available for crimes specifically against students), all crimes took place around hubs of student accommodation. If you’re in the process of deciding which city to head to this September, these results may help you make your mind up!

We all know the drill – don’t walk home after a night out, get taxis with friends, lock your doors, keep your valuables safe. Even more so when moving away to university. Having been the victim of a uni burglary myself, I know how hard it can be. Luckily they didn’t get too much but my housemates and I slept in the same bed for weeks after the event.

Unfortunately for the students of the University of Brighton and University of Sussex, your uni city ranked the highest in reported crime with 829.4 crimes reported per thousand residents in Brighton in the last year. Followed by 633.1 crimes per thousand in Swansea and 534.4 crimes per thousand in Stoke-on-Trent surround Staffordshire University and the Keele University. Surprisingly the big cities like London, Leeds and Manchester didn’t make it into the top rankings… a sigh of relief for some.

And for the safer uni cities? Bath, Durham and Loughborough made it into the top 10 in terms of student safety. With crime rankings ranging from 116.1 crimes reported per thousand residents through to 56.6 per thousand in Egham, home of Royal Holloway University.

The research as a whole has revealed that student areas averaged 248 crimes per thousand residents in the last year. This is far higher however than the national average of 99 indicating that students live in areas that experienced 2.5x more crime than residents of England and Wales as a whole.

Pretty scary when you think about it. So how do we, as a student nation, take efforts to stay safe at university? There is always the obvious, don’t walk around late at night alone. Get the bus, get a taxi, use a trusted taxi company, never announce that your house is empty, always lock your doors (especially the safety locks), double check all of your windows are closed before leaving the house, keep your gadgets in safe places. If your bedroom doors have locks, use them. It all seems like silly little things but they can make a huge difference and are easily forgotten after a game of Ring of Fire.

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