How to utilise your Easter Holidays effectively.

Everyone is excited for the coming Easter holiday. The Sun is shining and it’s lovely and bright outside. Finally!! Goodbye to winter and the horrible cold weather – it’s about time if you ask me! What’s even better, no scheduled seminars and lectures for another two weeks. It’s a needy break, right?

Well not for us students unfortunately because we all know there is still work to do. Easter holidays are often the  most stressful. Deadlines of the upcoming exams, final pieces of coursework and portfolios that need to be handed in are coming around quicker than ever.

For this reason, it’s vital to utilise Easter term break well.

Having said that, there are still different ways we can still enjoy the holiday and take the well deserved break us students deserve. To use your time time more effectively, creating a strategy is important. In this plan, the most important elements to include are studying, having enough sleep, spare time to enjoy with friends and family and own entertainment.

Time management 

Important for everything in life. The best results come with strong management and your ability to complete the tasks in enough time. Make a strategic plan of action, and complete it with timescales. If you begin planning early enough, you may be able to work out a realistic study schedule that effectively leaves your Easter holidays completely free from work and relaxing. This may sound like lost time to some people, but you have to factor in your overall health and wellbeing when trying to achieve the best results. – Giving yourself the deserved break you need may help improve your wellbeing. For example, I find early mornings to be a fruitful time to study. I spend a few hours studying before breakfast and this makes me feel that I’m starting my day successfully.


By working like this, you feel the whole day has a much more relaxed atmosphere. For some people, this might not work. However, it is always good to find yourself a relaxed way to study during the holidays. It is always a good idea to do two or three things on a given day and target it to so that you do it well.

Obviously, you are the only person who knows how much time you can realistically take off, so think about it carefully and devise a plan of action starting from today. If you feel well prepared and you are on top of your revision, reward yourself with a good break. If you know that there is no way you can spare a whole week or two over Easter, still do your best to find a good balance. Visit family and friends, enjoy a day or two out, treat yourself to a spa day or get out and about in the countryside – do whatever it is that makes you feel at ease and will help you to forget about the study for a few days.  

Happy holidays!

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