Valentine’s Day on a budget

ID-10059664With Christmas only just passing, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is buying Valentine’s Day presents. However, it is only 3 weeks away so you need to start thinking.

As students saving money is vital, here is a list of money saving ideas – leaving no excuses not to treat someone special in your life!

Photo book

Take advantage of all your tagged Facebook photos and create a photobook, can do this for just £6.99 or get cutting and sticking to create your own. This is a thoughtful yet simple gift that is bound to make your other half smile.

Maybe you’re a new couple and are yet to have many photos together, in this case print just one photo out and buy a nice frame. Amazon and The Range have a wide choice of photo frames all at a very reasonable cost.

Cook a meal

Rather than spending a fortune and going out for a meal, where most restaurants have doubled their prices, make the effort and cook a meal. Find out what your Valentine’s favourite meal is, or take a look at our Student Recipes – they’re all simple and easy to make. Try and get rid of your housemates for an hour, buy some cheap candles and there you have a perfect Valentine’s Day meal whilst saving money!

Movie night

This is definitely the easiest and cheapest suggestion! Stay in and just watch your favourite movies together, make sure that the films aren’t just your favourite though! Buy some snacks and enjoy the time you spend together – after all Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a competition of who spends the most money, spending time together is the most important thing.

Days out

If you’d rather buy a present, have a think to see if there is something you can do together rather than buying items. This could be a trip to the zoo or perhaps a day in London. This may be costly so book in advance – you don’t have to have the trip on Valentine’s Day, booking a month in advance will usually save you the most money. Just buy a nice card and explain what the present is, I’m sure they’ll be very happy!

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Editor of Student Wire and Public Relations and Communication student at Leeds Met

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