Valuable life skills they don’t teach you in school

No matter what your background is, chances are you’re going to find that real life is a lot different than you imagined while growing up. To that end, the goal of schooling is to prepare you in all of life’s aspects. Getting a good education is definitely helpful, but there are certain aspects of the real world that require additional preparation as you head out into your adult life, including the following:

How to stay safe

Knowing how to protect your own well-being in the face of danger is paramount. Unfortunately, too many people neglect their own safety and that of their belongings by exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. From making sure that you understand and follow all the safety procedures at work to installing adequate safety features for your home, it’s always worth taking the time to implement measures that can safeguard you against potential perils.

How to boost your mental power

You can’t control how much brain power you’re naturally endowed with, but you can control its development. As studies continue to showcase the brain’s plasticity, it’s become obvious that boosting your mental performance is possible if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. There are numerous ways to engage your memory and other mental processes as well, so it’s mostly a matter of finding out what works for you and then doing it on a regular basis.

How to handle your finances

Your average economics course rarely discusses the nuts and bolts of personal finance, despite the fact that knowing how to properly manage your money is one of the most important skills you can master in life. Learning to how balance your income and expenses can make a world of difference as far as quality of life is concerned, especially early on in your career when high wages will be hard to come by. To that end, don’t hesitate to enroll in an online money management class or invest in quality personal finance software that can help you reach your goals. Also, consider finding a part time job such as writing essays for other students, etc. There’s a variety of writing services online where you can register and start earning.

How to take care of your home and property

Unless you went to a technical school, chances are your education was heavily tilted towards theoretical concepts and abstract thinking and less towards actual doing. That can be a boon in many careers, but it does leave individuals with plenty of deficiencies when it comes to basic home repair and maintenance skills. From learning how to change a light bulb to knowing what to do in case your bathtub overflows and floods your downstairs neighbor, such underrated skills can definitely come in handy down the line.

How to obtain gainful employment

Finally, getting a job often signifies your transition into the adult world. Which makes it all the more surprising that schools don’t focus more on helping you gain the skills necessary for workforce integration. Whether it’s mastering job interview techniques or learning how to ask for a raise, such aspects will likely form an integral part of your life and deserve as much attention as they can get.

So, your school won’t teach you how to take care of your self, or arrange your finances. Fortunately, these are the kinds of things that you’ll likely pick up as you go along. In order to avoid hitting your head against the wall, however, it’s always better to seek out a mentor, someone who has already faced life’s challenges and is willing to impart a little bit of the wisdom they earned along the way.

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