What to watch: Jan 2017

It’s a new year, which means a new crop of TV series are emerging. As an avid TV lover I find it hard not to get involved with the most popular. 2016 brought us some pretty impressive TV, but I have a feeling ’17 is going to do us avid watchers an even better deal… 

  1. Taboo:

BBC have really out done themselves on this one, (I’m even writing this watching the second episode, it’s that good). The legend himself, Tom Hardy, plays James Delaney, an Englishman feared to have died during his time in South Africa. Upon hearing the news that his father has been ill, Delaney returned home in time for the funeral. Greeted by his sister, and not so excited brother in-law, Delaney now has a fortune to navigate. It’s not only a drama but has a supernatural/spiritual feel about it. With extensively accurate costumes and the beautiful face of Tom Hardy. Taboo offers a barrel of old time England, at a modern price.


  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events:

It’s back, and as horrid as ever. Lemony Snickett’s, A series of unfortunate events has been recreated for Netflix (who else). Featuring Neil Patrick-Harris as Count Olaf, there is a sense of homage being paid to the successful film. Each destination the children are sent to live is covered in 2 part episodes, one carefully following the other, making sure all our unanswered questions from the film are answered. The title sequence is also pretty nifty, with each episode branding a change of lyrics, it’s virtually impossible for you to get lost.


  1. The OA

Another Netflix series, the OA is a tale following the sensitive live between life and death. After binge watching the series in 3 days I cannot decide whether its supernatural, or about a group of people who have gone a bit insane. But whatever the answer, this is by far one of the best series I have seen in a long time. With interesting characters and unbelievable acting, this program offers the thing we love most about Netflix, the ability to binge watch. I will warn you though- it’s a bit hardcore, so paying attention is vital.


   4. Sherlock

I’m not going to be one of those people who drones on about how good Sherlock is. But SERIOUSLY, its ruddy good. Whether you’ve never seen the program before, or you’re an avid watcher. The newest string of episodes is one I think should be compulsory for everyone to watch. Bare in mind, I’ve watched all 3 episodes’ numerous times and I still don’t fully understand the story- it’s not one for the faint hearted.


So, as we say goodbye to the memories of 2016 and make way for new ones coming in 2017. We should always pay attention to the media, not only have new programs come out to entertain us, but even better ones are coming. (But seriously, watch these programs, they are pretty good and will most likely make a hangover day a little bit easier).


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