We Will Remember Them

One of the most significant days in history has arrived, where we remember all of the brave and courageous soldiers that have fought for Great Britain.

From the world wars to this current day, there are many people we have lost that are sometimes forgotten. These soldiers have put their lives on the line, all to protect us so that we can live our lives safely. 

It is heartbreaking how these wars evolve and how people have their lives taken due to incidents that should have never been caused. The Assassination of Archduke Frans Ferdinand in Sarajevo triggered a chain of events that resulted in the first World War. Approximately 17 million soldiers and civilians were killed during this war. Which means there were 17 million families that have lost a member.

Isn’t that heartbreaking to think about?

Having a Dad who fought in Iraq a few years ago, my respect could not possibly stand any higher for our British soldiers. With all that they have witnessed and experienced is something we may never understand. This is why taking a day to remember and pay our respect where it is due. The loss, the torture and the pain that soldiers have gone through is definitely soul destroying to think about, we are lucky to have such strong and brave people on our side.


Lives are continually being taken away from us as we speak that we’re not aware of. Raising awareness for our heroes is something that needs to be developed. Although they get some recognition, I personally think that more of our time should be dedicated to the forces.


A quote from a soldier:

“I left my friends and family behind, I was greeted by a screaming platoon sergeant. I wrote my own will at the age of 19. I learnt how to run, march, shoot, take another man’s life, save another man’s life and run some more. I stood in the cookhouse at meal times eating food as soon as it was out on my plate because we had very little time to eat. Too tired even to think how bad the food was. I kept going, every day waking at 5am for the hard day ahead. I did PT everyday and ached in places I never knew I had. I have seen men with shrapnel wounds and body parts missing! I have laid in holes in the ground, motionless for hours at a time waiting for attack by another soldier. I made friends like you wouldn’t believe. I have laughed, cried, and been in scrapes with these people. I have lost friends during conflict in places that I didn’t know existed. We didn’t get much sleep and even less pay. We fight! We fight not only for out friends and family but for our buddy next to us! So if you want to burn this nations great flag, try putting yourselves in our shoes. Try defending it before you disgrace the men and women who defend, not only the flag, but you and everyone else in this country. When I deployed I didn’t know I would be coming back. What I did know is that I was proud to wear the uniform of this great country and I if given the chance, I know that along with thousands of others, we stand tall, and shoulder to shoulder to defend this great country. And on the 11th November I will pay homage to those that gave their yesterday, so that we could have today, God bless, Brothers and Sisters In Arms…”

A quote from my dad (Alan Welsh, British Soldier):

“What I love about being a soldier is you do things no one else does. The job is not monotonous, everyday is different especially when away on operations. When I was younger I’d come back and see my mates from school and they had regular jobs, same thing every day. I’d travelled the world, drove tanks, flew in helicopters and planes and fired all the latest weapons systems. I am proud to serve, my dad served as well as my nan and grandad in the second world war. I understand more what they went through. War is scary, you think at first every bullet is heading towards you and everyone wants to kill you. With experience you realise theres a lot more out there on your side and learn to deal with it. Whats more scary is the peace keeping operations, when we patrol amongst the public not knowing who is friendly or who wants to shoot or blow you up. With war, its us or them.”

As the saying goes ‘every little helps’, please donate to ‘Help for Heroes’ here to support our soldiers.

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