What not to wear to lectures

It’s 8:40am, you’ve overslept and your lecture starts at 9. Hungover or not, your uni room suddenly feels like the most perfect place on earth and even £9,000 a year isn’t encouraging you to get out of bed.
It’s happened to the best of us, the inevitable doom that this lecture is important and your presence is not just encouraged, but expected (which lecturer came up with the idea of passing a register round, really? Is this primary school?)
When you eventually venture out of bed the issue at the forefront of your mind is probably “what the hell do I wear?”
As if the thought of leaving your halls isn’t bad enough, you have to put on clothes.

Obviously everyone has different taste, maybe clothes aren’t a priority but if you gain one piece of advice from this article let this be it: do not under any circumstances go to a lecture in pyjamas. Repeat after me, NO PYJAMAS.

It’s not edgy or acceptable and you will definitely be judged. With common nicknames like “pyjama freak” and “stoner” likely to be thrown around, is that really what you want?

Nudity is not encouraged. We’re all a supporter of the free the nipple campaign but as I mentioned before, students are as judgmental as it gets, and looking like you’re on your way to your part time job as a stripper is not doing anything for your reputation. I’m not saying high necklines and Victorian esq skirts but save the push up bra and crop top for Space Tuesday’s yeah?


You too boys

The only clothing choice likely to do worse for your rep than turning up half naked, is last night’s attire. Your hair’s a mess, make up is barely intact and you smell like vodka – a sure give away. The general consensus will be that you didn’t return home after your night out, (if you did, you have no excuse, who does that?) which will lead to many other judgments, not just that you’re a slave to the student lifestyle.

Most of us want to look respectable for lectures and seminars, maybe even attractive – but don’t get carried away. No one likes a try hard and getting up 2 hours early to wing your eyeliner and take your rollers out is probably going to make you look a bit sad.

Do us all a favour and save the baggy tribal pants for your six-week trip to Thailand in summer. Ok you did a gap year, we can tell from your Facebook pictures and incessant gap yah bants.


Basically just try to be ‘normal‘, or as near as you can get…

Photo Credit: University of Salford via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: g_firkser via Compfight cc

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