What to do on New Years Eve

Christmas is over for another year and we’ve loved the time off! With just two days left of 2014 it’s time to see the year out in style. What will your celebration be?

There’s so many ways to celebrate, whether you want to go all out or prefer a quiet night with family. If you’re ready for a glamorous evening in your nearest city then be prepared with a full wallet. From an outfit to taxis you’re set to spend a pretty penny but can be guaranteed to enjoy a fabulous evening in bars that are spilling out with the boozers.

If you fancy a club night then you should probably hurry up and sort yourself out with a ticket as they will most likely sell out of have bumped up in price as the evening draws nearer. Maybe even try somewhere you wouldn’t normally go, it is a New Year, new you afterall.

Surprisingly, there is plenty of gigs to sample on New Years too. Whether its a good band or a DJ, you can be sure to find something in your local area! More than likely you’d have to venture into the city for the bigger names but local venues will often showcase some local talent for the celebration.

If you prefer a quieter scene, why not host a party at yours? If you’re back at your uni house then there will be tonnes of people looking for a cheap pre-loan bash. A house party is always good in a student house. If you’re still at home then suggest a last minute family get together, I’m sure Mum could whip up a fab buffet with too much food that you can then take back to uni the following week.

A regular night in doesn’t go a miss either. I know that New Years can sometimes be a lot of build up for a pretty average night and an empty bank account the next day. TV is full of programmes welcoming in the New Year and a Chinese and a bottle of wine in the fridge is great company to bring in the New Year with.

Whatever you prefer, it’s time to decide because we only have 80 hours of 2014 to go! Until then, Happy New Year everyone.

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