What to expect when you join a gym

January. The month when our timelines are full of those ‘New Year, New Me’ statuses, resolutions to look better, be better, feel better and of course, the back to work slog!

The New Year is often signaled by that sluggish January feeling and the fact we’ve eaten too much, moved too little and generally overindulged during the festive period, but more often than not by the time the clock strikes 12 we’re all hit with the bug to get out there and get fit when January 1st rolls around.

Naturally, one of our first resolutions is always to join the gym because what better way to work off that post-Christmas bloat than with a good workout. Not only does exercise help to improve your overall fitness but it also improves your mental wellbeing too. Something which we should all take more care of in 2016.

But what can you expect from joining a gym? And where can you find the best deals? We’ve put together a handy guide, complete with what you need to know about those January Joiners and how to stick to your resolution!

Find the Best Deal

In January money is often a little tight so shop around when you join the gym to find the best deal. Often you’ll find gyms have targets to meet when it comes to signing up new members so many will offer deals to help entice you in.

Look out for trial days, no joining fees and pay as you go options. Some gyms offer discounts based on where you work and student discounts are often up for grabs.

Take a Tour

As always the only way to get to know a place is to take a tour around it and remember to ask questions too. Taking a tour will help you to get a feel of the place and allow you to see it in action.

Find out which days and times are particularly busy to help you plan your workout schedule.  Usually weekends and after work are the busiest so if you have the luxury of being able to avoid these times you’ll be greeted with the gym to yourself.

Find Out the Benefits

These days the gym is about much more than just a treadmill and a few weights and many modern gyms are full of the latest fitness equipment, swimming pools and fitness classes too.

You may also find that personal trainers are on hand to help advise and motivate you during your workouts. Staff are often from a training background so if you have fitness questions you need answering don’t be afraid to ask as they will be on hand to help.

Keep the Dedication

We make promises every year and whilst it can be tempting to quit them in favour of a Netflix binge alongside your favourite takeaway you can have fun and keep fit at the same time. Life is all about balance and taking a night off from the gym will only motivate you more for your next session.

Don’t get put off by those gym stereotypes either, Cardiff Sports Nutrition have those gym personalities down to a tee. From posers to lunch breakers and try hards to the old skool hardman it’s likely you’ll meet a few of these gym goers during your workout. Keep the focus and work to your own ability and schedule!

Pick What Works For You

Whilst having goals is perfectly acceptable and can help keep you motivated it’s unlikely your body is going to end up like the next Victoria’s Secret Model or look like it’s stepped from the pages of a fitness magazine. Be practical and find a routine that works for you and your fitness levels.

If the person next to you can bench more than you, it doesn’t matter and you shouldn’t feel pressured to take on more than you can handle. Of course you should push yourself when it comes to your workout but be realistic with what your body can take.

Don’t feel daunted when joining a gym, do your research, ask questions and you’ll soon find yourself on your way to fitness success.  

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