Where will you be this time next year?

3650237678_ab08e8e8fd_bSpring is fast approaching and the idea of graduation is rapidly becoming reality. With only a few months left at university before having to enter the real world it got me thinking, am I really ready to immerse myself in a full time career?

My answer was no! Like most students I have been in constant education since the age 5 and I feel that I need a little time to do some of the things I have always dreamed of and what better time for a little bit of ‘me’ time than after graduation.

Many take a gap year before university but recently more and more students are deciding to take a gap year after gaining a degree, which is precisely what I plan on doing.

So if you feel you need a little adventure before starting to build a lifelong career, here a few ideas on how to spend your after uni gap year:

Become a ski instructor

A ski season is not for everybody but if you are a lover of winter sports and making new friends it is the perfect way to spend the winter. There are many ski resorts all over the world that employ seasonal staff to work within them. Alternatively you could always train to be a ski instructor, and then work as one in your chosen resort. There are many programmes and over Europe and the states that allow you to have the fun of après ski whilst qualifying as an instructor within weeks.  Ski Le Gap is one of the best instructor programmes  in the world based in Tremblant, Canada, for more information see www.skilegap.com.

Travel the World

Who wouldn’t want to travel the world, embrace new cultures and make new friends in all corners of the world? There are so many amazing places around the world that it would be silly not to pack up shop and go on an adventure. STA Travel offer some great deals on round the world flights, they offer set flight plans or allow you to build a route of your own, all at reasonable prices. They also help you plan every aspect of your trip so it will be tailored especially for you. See for more information.

Work in Oz

It is now easier than ever to gain an Australian working visa, book a flight and move to Australia for a year. With the gold coast, constant sunshine and backpacking culture Australia is fast becoming a popular destination for young brits to relocate for a year of a lifetime. Although the cost of living is a lot higher over there so are the wages, meaning great pay as well as an incredible lifestyle.  With air travel cheaper and more convenient than ever Australia is a perfect place to spend the year after graduation.  www.quantas.com/au offer some great flight rates from the UK to all main Australian cities.

Holiday Rep

Being a holiday rep is a great way to travel whilst earning money. Travel Reps are needed throughout all seasons of the year in a variety of different resorts from ski resorts, to clubbing resorts to family holiday resorts. If you want to be a rep then there will be a resort to suit you, this is perfect if you want to live and work in a different country and with opportunities all over the world this would be a great way to spend a summer, winter or both on a different continent. Visit www.tuitraveljobs.co.uk for more information on becoming a travel representative.

Gain work experience abroad

If you feel that you want to travel the world yet do not want to put your career on the back burner why not seek to gain work experience abroad. Companies all over the world offer internship programmes in a variety of different industries. Some internships are even paid, which is a real bonus. This is a perfect way of investing in your future whilst being able to live in a foreign country.  Visit www.goabroad.com to see some of the thousands of internships that are available all over the world.


What about helping the universe? There a hundreds of programmes out there that allows you to volunteer and make a difference to the environment, its people and its animals. There are volunteering programmes in most countries across the globe; they can be anything from helping to building schools in Africa to saving turtles in Costa Rica. If there is something that you are really passionate about why not find a volunteering scheme that suits you and make a difference to the universe. Visit www.gvi.co.uk to see some of the opportunities available to volunteer abroad.

Photo Credit: greencandy8888 via Compfight cc

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