White Noise Ambience – Deeper Sleeper Challenge #2

The Sealy Clusterfill Response Pillow left us waking refreshed but for my second challenge, I was asked to try an app that would help me relax into a truly deep sleep. I downloaded the White Noise Ambience Lite app on my iPad with the promise that I would listen to the app every night for two weeks.

The app is designed to help you relax at night, and has been renowned for helping people ‘snooze in environments that can be problematic for a great night’s sleep’. By allowing you to choose from 40 relaxing sounds, a variety of calming environments can be created. Just choose which sound suits you best and allow yourself to relax into a truly deep sleep. My Favourites? Forest Dawn, Waterfall and Country Meadow.

Whilst the app requests that you listen throughout your sleep, because I often sleep with my head to the side, it was uncomfortable falling asleep with the headphones on. However, I’ve found that this app works great for me when I listen to it to relax and then, the moment I find myself falling asleep, I take the headphones off. Although this isn’t using the app the way it requests, because I’m now calm whilst falling asleep, I awake feeling refreshed and energised instead of stressed and uncomfortable.

Whilst I can’t be sure that the app is leading me to a deeper sleep, I did fall asleep quite quickly and woke calmer than before.  There are no adverts and the new upgrade has added a digital clock and a timer so that if you do fall asleep with the app playing, the timer will automatically turn it off to save your battery. The downside? The app only works on apple products and so lovers of Samsung won’t be able to use the app on their phones. 

Overall, I would recommend this app to anybody who struggles to drift off or to anybody who enjoys napping.

You can find the White Noise Ambience Lite app on the app store at iTunes.apple.com and find out more about the deeper sleeper challenge at sealy.co.uk/deeper-sleep/

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Brittany Guymer

Editor of the Student Wire | Studying PR and Journalism at Leeds Beckett | Lover of good music and all things quirky | Easily bribed with mini eggs

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