Why every student should use SCONUL access

Congratulations! You have made it through second term and are ready to go home for a well earned Easter break. But wait, you have essays and revision to do, but all of the books you want have already been taken out of the library. Well no fear, because SCONUL is here!

What is SCONUL Access?

SCONUL access is a scheme that allows students to use the library facilities at another university library. Most of the universities in the UK are part of this scheme, allowing you to go into your local universities library throughout the holidays. 

How to use it

It is really simple to sign up. You declare what type of student you are, your home library and the library that you want to visit (although this doesn’t hugely matter) and fill in an application form. Within a few days, your university library will grant your application. You must not have any outstanding fines on your library account to be accepted. 

Once accepted, you print off the e-mail and take it to the university you wish to visit along with you student or library card from your university and in you go. 

Not all universities will allow you to take books out unfortunately, but the books that you want to access can be used in reference – it is better than nothing right? 

Interested? Check out the website for more information

Happy studying! 

Photo Credit: Loughborough University Library via Compfight cc

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