Why is university so exciting?

It’s fair to say that September 2015 is fast approaching on us all. It’s slowly creeping back around and for some of us, that means preparing to start back to schools, colleges, sixth forms, jobs and so on. For others, it means starting back to university in our second and third years and for some lucky students, it means starting first year at university. What does that mean? FRESHERS YEAR. However, some of you may be having doubts about going, others may be questioning what they’ll do come September. Is that you? Read on and I’ll tell you just why university is so exciting.

University is exciting for many reasons, whichever way you look at it. For some it may be the idea of starting a new chapter of their lives away from home, for others it might be the idea of continuing your education at a higher level focusing on something you’ve always wanted to do. For others it’s the idea of making new friends and getting involved in societies, the list is endless. 

Now, I can’t just give exciting university points for students on a whole because I believe whether you live in halls or not affects that experience – not in a bad way per say, just affects it. I say this due to the fact that last year, I lived in halls and some of my new friends did not, therefore I have an understanding to live in and out of halls.

Let’s begin, read the follow and hopefully it’ll change those doubts you have and make you feel ready (or excited) for September 2015… Be prepared Freshers! 

If you live in halls:

  • There is a lot of people to make friends with, across all floors and flats.
  • Chance to experience cooking for yourself and with friends, like Come Dine With Me. (This also depends on whether you live in catered halls or not – I did not). 
  • No matter what time of day it is there is always something going on in halls.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have your halls on campus, you get longer in bed because it takes you less time to get to lectures.
  • Flat parties and hall’s parties are always a must – just… be careful.
  • There are a lot of memories to be made!

If you live out of halls (in shared housing or living at home):

  • You get the comfort of your own house, no sharing bathrooms with strangers and what not.
  • You have the chance to see old friends more because you are closer to home etc.
  • You have the ability to feel independence through renting a house of your own.
  • You get to keep your home comforts, e.g. the surroundings you know and what makes you comfortable.
  • Closer to your family and relatives if you don’t like straying far from home. (Plus home cooked meals are never far away and these are universally missed by all university students, plus support is never far away).
  • No large bills or sums of money going out for rent or accommodation (unless you are paying board, which some people do).

Generic exciting university points:

  • The entire social side of it – there is no breaking that down. The amount of people you’ll meet is staggering, the ones you end up liking is the surprising part.
  • Come on we all know what I’m going to say, when you start, you get an entire week of partying. FRESHERS. All the exciting events and socials. (Not to mention hangovers – however you don’t have to drink on Freshers, if you don’t want to, don’t let anyone make you).
  • Being able to study a course you’ve always wanted to study with enthusiastic individuals who all share the same drive and passion you do. (It may not look like this when you’re attending 9am lectures and everybody looks like zombies but trust me, they do).
  • The freedom and individuality, this is expressed in all different ways but the big one is the studying part. The amount of work may sound terrifying but a big part of university is getting to study how you see fit. Whatever suits you, you do and you do it well! 
  • The personal experience – at the end of the day, university is your own personal experience and you are going to take away from it, what you put in. You are going to ‘find yourself’ (as they say) and grow as a person. No one can prepare you for the excitment that is university, not even me.

All I can say is at the end of it, you just have to experience it.

Everybody is in the same boat as you. Everyone feels the same way in the run up to September. It’s a new chapter of your life, you haven’t experienced it before, too right it’s going to scare you. I assure you though, what is coming your way isn’t just exciting, it’s (insert every word a thesaurus comes up with for exciting). That’s what it is.

Again, I repeat, you just have to experience it.

Enjoy it. Embrace it. It’ll all make sense and feel natural soon. If you are still feeling nervous, check out the internet. There are plenty of pages and websites that offer helpful hints, tips and experiences. Like I said, you aren’t alone. Remember?

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