Why Spotify is the best thing since sliced bread

iTunes is but a distance, difficult, time consuming memory that has been overruled by the introduction of Spotify. Gone are the days of “illegally” downloading tracks (not that I ever did, obviously…) to be played back on your iPod in the poorest quality with some cheesy advertisement at the beginning. The most time consuming process of installing your CDs onto your iTunes and then transferring them all onto your iPod… remember that?

Spotify pretty much came out of nowhere and now has almost every song or track you desire at the tip of your fingers. You can even get the normal free Spotify on your phones and iPad now, if you don’t mind the adverts of course. Even then they aren’t really that bad, obviously if you’re intending on having a party or something with Spotify as your music source you could probably do without the ad breaks but for normal life it is pretty easy to ignore.

Even then, as lucky students we get discount! The usual price of £10 a month for ad free music is halved with sites such as Unidays or with your NUS card so if you don’t mind that extra fiver going out of your bank every month, it’s perfect. Even better is that you can make all of your playlists available in offline mode so you don’t need an internet connection to access it.

I’m not even sure why I’m getting so passionate about how good Spotify is, maybe because I no longer have a guilty conscience about the way I may or may not have accessed music once upon a time. Not that I’m admitting anything of course. As it is getting bigger and bigger, the guys over at Spotify keep coming up with more and more quirky additions to make it even better.

You can now hit the browse button and find playlists for the strangest of occasions including “Walking Like a Badass”, “Gangsta Workout” and “Gone Fishing” whatever you fancy listening to when doing all three of those things. House parties have never been so easy when you can hit the “Party” option and be greeted with tonnes of pre-made playlists.

If you don’t fancy paying for Spotify then deal with the ads anyway, why faff with setting up your next YouTube video or burning your CD onto your laptop. Head over to your App Store and download it for free. As they say “music has never been easier”.

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