Why students should blog

Blogging is an extremely popular platform for not only writers but anyone with any interest. Not only does it help improve your writing and proof reading skills which of course is very handy and useful whilst being a student, but it can also be very personal and fun.

With a blog you are able to write about anything you wish to, and can share it to who ever you choose, whether it be a lot of people, just friends or even kept to yourself. It could be that you’re into sport? Or maybe beauty and lifestyle? Maybe you just fancy noting down all the fun experiences you have had and are having whilst being at university.

Blogging is fantastic for students because it helps log memories. It is also a great way to get in touch with other people through social media and find other people who are studying similar things and/or have the same interests as you. It is also counted as published work and if good enough can be placed on a CV and could definitely help you towards getting a career or job you want.

If you’re into design, then having a blog is a great way of getting practise at that. You can design your own layout and really personalise your blog. After a while blogging becomes like a second nature, and you’ll find yourself writing all the time. It builds confidence and allows people who don’t always speak out, to tell everyone what is on their mind. It’s fantastic to read about other people’s interests and there are so many people out there who would love to read yours. Even if it’s just a blog post about a mundane day! To be able to write and express yourself in a way you choose, about something you are passionate about is such a great feeling.

Every student should blog because it holds so many fun, challenging and useful qualities. So get writing!

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Creative and Media Writing student at the University of Portsmouth. I have a blog called A Little Bit Of Laura, which I update at least three times a week!

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    Hi I have decided to blog as I have a passion for food and writing. I wanna set up a blog and Im stuck between wordpress and blogger. Which is better?

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