Why teaching abroad after graduation is the best decision

While exams are still in session and with more lectures on the agenda to be dazzled by, you might find it difficult to think about anything beyond that final year in college. However, there’s one pressing matter so many college students want to tackle, even in the middle of exam frenzy, and that’s taking a profitable, rewarding career path upon getting that degree and throwing the cap in the air. One particular answer has become wildly popular among students from all industries, and that’s moving abroad to teach, and the most common choice for native speakers is English.

If you’re a native speaker, eager to explore the world, and you enjoy passing on knowledge to others, then this may just be the perfect way to transition from university life to the professional sphere. For those who are still having second thoughts, the following several reasons are bound to have you tip the scales in favor of teaching abroad and utilizing this skill of yours to benefit others as well as your own career.

Financial stability

If there’s one thing you must not enjoy all that much and it’s a typical characteristic of student life, it would be skimping on everything from coffee to makeup and everything in between. All the part-time jobs in the world could never accommodate the needs of tuition, accommodation, food, utilities and the like, necessary for a student to cover every day.

Believe it or not, teaching abroad can be quite a lucrative experience. Many well-organized schools across Asia are eager to get many native English speakers to teach their kids quality communication and prepare them for a bilingual world. That means that you’ll often get not only a well-paid job, but an apartment, and many other perks such as prepared teaching materials.

International experience

Nowadays, companies work in a boundary-free world, where remote workers are hired daily and those with international work experience are considered a true asset within a company. Why? Because you show a range of soft skills that are in high demand, such as adaptability, a learning mindset, and ability to meet different cultural demands of each working environment you’ve encountered.

To a great extent, gaining experience in a reputable teaching institution bodes well for your resume and your actual, hands-on skills. By working, for example, within the Monkey Tree TEFL program and many similar courses in Asia, you get immersed in a new culture, learn on the go, and master new skills every day. Being a teacher is no easy feat, and modern-day companies and schools will value your experience abroad.

Exploring new cultures

While we’re on the subject of new cultures, do you understand that you will literally get paid to travel to various exotic destinations of your choice? There are so many countries in Asia eager to harness your knowledge to better their society and improve the quality of education they provide for their kids, but they also ensure the doors are open for you to enjoy their local community as well.

The money you will be able to earn in some of the more prestigious schools with your language and teaching skills can provide you with enough savings to travel even more once you feel that you should move from teaching to something else. If you get a fully-furnished apartment, no need to pay for rent, hence more money to put towards your travel itinerary!

Low-stress work

If you’re a born teacher, then you enjoy the profession, and by extension, you’ll likely find the experience exhilarating! Sure, there will be some stress until you learn the ropes of your new job and start getting to know the people in your neighborhood and the school, but compared to so many other highly stressful jobs you could choose right after you graduate, this is truly the best possible deal out there.

Working with kids is as rewarding as a job can be. It’s also challenging, of course, but the playful nature of those classes and watching kids master an entirely new language is unlike any office job with tons of pressure and competition imbedded within the company. Enjoy the low stress levels as you help provide kids with an invaluable skill and improve their society!

Learning a new language

Finally, what better way to master a new language than to listen, learn, and practice alongside native speakers? If it applies to you, it sure does apply to other native speakers, and you sure can master at least the basics of a whole array of languages you’ll encounter while you travel.

Even if you can only ask for directions, shop, and say hello, adding “conversational Chinese” to your resume will definitely sound wonderful. Plus, you will build your confidence, keep your mind sharp, and impress your future employees every time.


For some, this may be a difficult decision, but for others, it’s a no-brainer. No matter if you take the leap or take some time to consider the option, keep in mind that these are just some of many perks of teaching abroad. All the others are individual and they depend on your own unique experience which is bound to enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams!

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