Working in a bar is the perfect job for any student

3860801467_ca12fe3935_oIt is possibly the most social job in the whole wide world

Housemates gone away for the weekend or had a fall out with your misses? No worries. It’s a given, you spend all day talking to random members of the public who are there to have a good time. Queue groups of football fans, hen parties and the occasional lonely drinker and you’ve always got someone to have a laugh with or get an interesting story from. Not forgetting the staff nights out…

There is literally alcohol EVERYWHERE

Got that friend who is always out and always seems to have money? Yep, they probably work in a bar. If it’s not staying for the staff drinks after your shift or a sneaky one off the shot girl when you’re working, it’s the coveted staff discount when you’re not working. Pair with this the notorious ‘initiations’ of new staff and the lock-ins, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

There is also free food -if you’re not squeamish

If you are lucky enough to work in a bar that also does snacks of the fried variety or even better still it’s a restaurant too, be prepared to see your food bills go down and your waist measurement go up. When you’re halfway through a Saturday night shift I promise you will not turn down that half eaten pepperoni pizza from table 8, you just wont.

You’ll probably work with some pretty hot people

It’s a known fact that bars these days usually like to put a nice looking set of people behind the bar (exceptions to this being the rare amazing cocktail makers with butter faces). So be prepared to probably have one work-related romance. Alcohol + social environment + attraction = incestual work relationships. Beware the rumours and the falling out though…awkward.

Your job can work around Uni pretty easily, if you don’t mind four hours sleep

If you can accept the fact that 11 hour shifts are the norm and yes you’ll be walking home in tomorrow’s daylight, then you’ll fit in nicely. It’ll never clash with a lecture unless you’re so tired you sleep in past your alarm or you choose to work day shifts. Flexibility is a key concept in bar work.

You’ll probably spend half your shift laughing and the other with a face like a slapped arse….it’s character building

If it’s the Saturday night shift and you’re on the main bar getting hammered with cocktail orders from bitchy girls from the Equestrian society, you’re not gonna be the chirpiest. However if you’re hosting for a big party of absolutely smashed rugby players, you’ll probably have a ball. The variation of customers and business of a shift means your job is never going to be ‘samey’.

It pays alright and nothing says ‘I’m eating tomorrow’ like a £10 tip

If you’re one of those who hates waiting for payday, bar work is probably a nice little gig for you. Tips are prevalent and you can make anything from £3 to £50 a night depending on who comes through the door. Those tips are instant money on top of your pay cheque, and not many other jobs can say they provide that.

Being able to make a Pornstar Martini is 3 minutes is a pretty cool skill to have

Yes you’ll hate having to learn the specs and yes you’ll hate when someone orders one, but imagine when you’re a high-flyer with your ‘real job’ after uni, house parties will be amazing with you behind the bar.

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