Why You Should Consider Studying Law – Busting Common Myths

It’s not easy trying to get into the profession of law and some students tend to steer away from it because it’s classed as ‘boring’. These are just one of several myths that surround a law degree, but every degree seems to have it’s positive and negatives. I’m here to bust the myths surrounding law degrees, simply because they seem to get more negatives myths than positives! Here are a few that should definitely be busted straight away.

“You can only become a barrister or solicitor”

It’s not uncommon for students to leave their degree halfway through the year, especially when they feel they’re not enjoying it at all and want to do something different. You’d be surprised to know that around 50% of law students go on to a career that’s completely irrelevant to their degree, but this isn’t because they haven’t found a job being a local barrister or a dispute resolution lawyer. Having a law degree can provide you plenty of skills such as problem-solving and research skills. These are skills that are also invaluable in professions within marketing and education for example.

“I’ve not studied law at GCSE or A-Level so I can’t study it now”

Okay, when studying law it has to be admitted that you’re practically thrown in the deep end with the ins and outs or law itself. That’s not to say you’ll be at a disadvantage when studying the course. It may just be more of a struggle when it comes to your second or third year when things become a bit more complex. If that’s the case though, don’t suffer in silence. The best thing to do is ask questions on matters you’re unsure about and be encouraged from the learning process to gain further knowledge on the subject.

“I’ll end up reading books on end”

It can’t be denied that the course does involve a lot of reading but it’s not completely revolved around theoretical work. The main skill that’s taught in a law degree is how specific laws can be applied to real situations and how they can be applied in certain scenarios. During this time, there will be discussions had around these scenarios and how they can effectively impact people’s lives. There are also mock trials that you can get involved with other legal charity projects.

“There’s no creativity involved with law”

This is where your own personality needs to come into the degree in order to get a creative aspect from law. Being successful in law generally involves having a great analytical and logical mind, but what really separates the good lawyers from the best lawyers is developing the logical way of thinking and taking it one step further. Having creative solutions to legal matters can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful case. The law is constantly changing, which means there are always opportunities to be creative in finding solutions to problems that are a bit outside the box.

“I won’t have any free time”

To make the most of your law degree, the key is to remain organised to balance your studies with your social life. It’s the case with most degrees. Law is quite a popular degree for many international students and this can be really useful later down the line with your actual career. Having a diverse legal network will connect you with a range of cultures, growing your international network for the future.

What’s the verdict?

Essentially, choosing a law degree is unlike any other degree. Although it’s going to be challenging, it will change how you think and the way you go about things. It’s important to give it your all and be reassured that it will develop skills and knowledge that you never knew you had.

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