Why you should shop vintage for your new semester wardrobe

It’s an unwritten rule that university is where you should be experimental with your fashion choices. Honestly, it is the only time in your life when you can pair Glasto glitter with oversized patterned shirts, and quite literally get praised for it. Everybody wants to leave an impression in those three years, and fashion is an instant way to add colour to your seminars, double up on the denim for the library, and even fuel those summer blues by interpreting some festival wear to the club.

Experimenting in daring fashion is, however, harder than it sounds. This is not necessarily because you can’t find the confidence to pull the looks off, but often because you physically can’t find the looks. Rather than turning straight to your beloved high street chains, university is the best time to branch out to some of the vintage shops around your city. Make the most of vintage fairs, or even order some vintage gems online (if these garms have stood the test of time, they will make it to your halls in one piece).

Vintage fashion is individual,sustainable, and great value. It’s honestly the answer to every students’ fashion prayers. Though all vintage shops offer something completely different, the pinnacle of vintage fashion is, indisputably, Headlock Vintage

Headlock Vintage has new stock available every single week on ASOS Marketplace, and after a summer of touring the biggest music festivals (yep, they REALLY did do that Glasto glitter), Headlock Vintage are blessing campuses across the country this semester, with the popup vintage tour. The likes of Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Sheffield will be visited by Headlock, and their Saturday stalls can be found in York, Lincoln and Cambridge. Headlock Vintage is spreading all those vintage vibes across the country, making influences from across the whole world accessible to your own wardrobe. Founder Tom Walker highlighted the limitless style possibilities which you can stumble upon while vintage shopping. He said,

“I think one of the main things is the uniqueness of the clothes you can get – we get stuff shipped in from all over so you could pick up a vintage sports top from Germany that you know you’re going to be the only one wearing”.

The first semester in a new city is the perfect time to shop vintage because, for the first time in your life, you are free to break from the mould that you’ve comfortably sat in for the past years.

Tom suggested, “I think for most students uni is a fresh start and they want to reinvent their look. When you’ve gone through school with the same friends for years you all end up with a similar style, even though you might not realise it. When you turn up at uni there’s a real sense that you can be whoever you want, and I think everyone just feels freer to experiment”.

Individuality, however, doesn’t have to come at a cost. Even when it comes to some of the biggest brands, vintage sales offer the best opportunity to pick up the names which everybody on campus will be envious of. Tom shared  that, “Most students aren’t going to be able to afford a new Tommy Hilfiger hoodie, but you could get a pretty nice one in a vintage sale for £15, with the bonus that no-one else is going to have the same one”.

Levi, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Barbour, Tommy Hilfiger and Carhartt have all previously been picked up from the rails at a Headlock event. For Tom however, leaving the branded stock for the students is the hardest part of the job, confessing,

“I like brands like Carhartt which we get quite a lot of. I get lots of items which I would have kept it if it had fit me, but it’s probably most frustrating when you have an item which is too big or small that you would love to keep for yourself”.

With new stock at every event, you have the chance to not only be individual beyond the campus… because where else can you pick up some £15 Levi’s?

Some vintage pieces have decades of wear behind them, so why should they be limited to the wardrobe now? Durable fashion, especially denim, still have years of life left in them, meaning vintage shopping is your chance to limit the impact of fast fashion, and dress sustainably. “Everyone has become really concerned with single use food stuff like straws and coffee cups, but I don’t think people think of clothes in the same way yet, everyone though it’s very similar”. Tom goes on, “Fast fashion is one of the worst polluting industries for the environment. Especially with online retailers, there’s a real push to sell clothes designed to be worn just once and they make the prices so low you don’t think twice about only wearing something a couple of times. With vintage you’re giving old clothes a new lease of life and there’s evidence that this hugely reduces the impact it has on the environment”.

The fact is that you don’t only feel good in what you wear, it is that you are doing good in what you wear. This is just another way in which vintage fashion is excelling, particularly on campus. Whether you are a fresher in a new city, or an old and grey third year, now is the best time to go vintage. Venture into local vintage shops, spend some time online, and, of course, look out for Headlock Vintage on your campus very soon. 



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