Winter weather essentials

ID-100119391We’ve all had those days when the harsh winter weather has made us not want to get out of our warm, comfy bed and instead ring in sick to school or university. Well those days are over. This list of winter weather essentials may sound obvious but making sure you have them all is vital in being able to face the cold winter this year.

  • Coat

The first thing I’d recommend is a big, warm coat preferably with a hood. Owning a big coat that will keep you warm on long bus rides or walks home will truly be your saviour in the winter months. If your coat doesn’t have a hood, buy an umbrella. Although we’ve all seen the one person whose brolly turns inside out and blows down the road with the owner chasing it, that person is usually me. So the best thing to do would be to invest in a hooded coat that will last you the whole winter and maybe the next.

  • Jumpers (and more jumpers)

Jumpers are my favourite item of clothing, so when winter comes around stock up on these beauties. From cute ones with bunnies on to just plain cable knit ones that look ultra cool, jumpers are the things that are essential to staying warm during the winter and they also come in handy when it’s not cold enough for that big coat but still way too cold for just a T-shirt.

  • Shoes

The best shoes for winter are black, waterproof boots, that way you can’t see much of the dirt on them and your feet don’t feel like they’re accommodating a whole pond in your shoes. Boots are obviously easier for girls to wear, so guys hi-top sneakers are your best option. This way puddles won’t overflow into your shoes.

  • Gloves

We’ve all felt that pain of when your hands are freezing cold and the pain is just too much. Buying some gloves will help ease the pain and you can easily buy a plain pair for £1. Alternatively if you can’t live without using your phone for more than 5 minutes (I know the feeling), you can get mittens that will keep your thumb free for all those tweets about how much you hate winter #FREEZING.

  • Moisturiser

Yes boys, this is for you too. A dry face and chapped lips are part of the package when winter comes round and we all know it’s not the most attractive look. So buy some moisturiser and a lip balm to keep your face and lips safe from the harsh temperatures this season.

  • Hot drink

One of the best things in the world is that hot drink after you’ve come home from a hard day at school/university. It allows you to relax and warm up before you get back to that work that’s due in the next morning.

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