World Cup Update Week 1


The World Cup is now entering it’s seventh day, for those of you that like football you would probably agree that there has been a lot of shocks and controversial decisions, for those of you that aren’t as interested in football nothing has happened that will shock you, England lost and Brazil won, it’s just like any other World Cup isn’t it?

I am therefore going to explain the difference at this World Cup, as all of you will know that watched the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Frank Lampard had a shot against Germany in England’s round off 16 game that clearly crossed the line but was somehow missed by the officials. This World Cup is the first time that there is goal-line technology. The referee wears a watch which is able to tell him if the ball has crossed the line. This was used for the first time in France’s 3-0 over Honduras on Sunday.

A comical moment in the first week of the finals was when England physio Gary Lewin ironically sprained his ankle celebrating England’s equaliser. He must have been as shocked as any other England supporter to see them actually score! There was confusion as to who was down and England fans were praying that it was an Italian, to find out that the physio was being stretchered off!

Spain who won the World Cup in 2010 were beaten 5-1 in their opening game against Holland which came as a huge shock and could have been found at odds of 999/1 before the game, Costa Rica who are supposed to be the minnows of England’s group beat Uruguay 3-1 which surprised everyone. So all in all it has been an exciting first 6 days. England play against Uruguay on Thursday and defeat could see them eliminated from the tournament after just two games!

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