Wrap ‘Talk’ Earphones Review

Have you ever found that your earphones are easily broken? Always losing them in the bottom of your bag? Eventually find them in a tangled mess?  The Wrap ‘Talk’ Earphones were created to fix all of these problems.

Wrap Earphones stand out because they allow you to look stylish whilst still providing you with amazing sound quality. The earphones have been specially designed so that you can wear them on your wrist whilst you’re not using them, meaning that you can #WearYourSound wherever you go. There is a choice of three wire styles so that you can choose a style of bracelet that will best suit your taste, as well as  rubber features so that the earphones are still comfy to wear both on the move and whilst playing music.

By doubling up as a bracelet, the earphones are easy to store and can never be lost. The anti-tangle wire contains a slot system so that the earplugs, microphone and jack plug all fit together to fasten securely around the wrist. The earphones also have the ability to reach high volumes whilst still allowing the sound to be crisp and clear.

The Wrap ‘Talk’ Earphones are the new take on the classic wraps, featuring an inbuilt microphone which allows you to answer phone calls, play or pause music and skip songs with just one button. They also come in a range of new colours such as Coal, Denim, Lagoon, Flint and Sunrise. My favourite? Denim.

I would recommend this product to anyone who loses their earphones as much as I do, and that’s a lot!

Use the hashtag #WearYourSound on social media. Wraps ‘talk’ earphones are available from www.mywraps.com at £19.99. 

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Brittany Guymer

Editor of the Student Wire | Studying PR and Journalism at Leeds Beckett | Lover of good music and all things quirky | Easily bribed with mini eggs

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