Writing a Paper? Make it Exceptional with These 5 Tips


Whether you’re at high school or college, there are some universal rules to stick to when you’re writing an academic paper. Your paper will need to show that you have a firm understanding of a topic, and that you can deconstruct ideas and even propose arguments with strict reasoning and evidence.

In order to write the most exceptional academic papers, simply take on board some of these tips.


  1. Always Prepare

Writing a fantastic paper requires you to plan. No successful writer doesn’t plan their paper. You simply need to begin by thinking about what you intend to achieve, the topics you intend to discuss, any arguments you plan on making and what conclusions you might like to make.

By preparing your paper, step by step, you can give yourself a framework with which to work. This becomes invaluable during the writing process.


  1. Find Your Resources

During the writing process, you might find yourself exploring angles you didn’t previously think of. This does not mean, however, that you will not benefit from preparing some resources to use in the first place.

Take a look at your plan and the talking points you intend to write about, and consider the resources you might need. You can find the right resources by visiting your local library. It might seem like an outdated concept, given that the Internet has so much to offer, but your local library really will be able to help. The same is true for your school library.

Explore any recommended reading on your course, and discover other books in the library that could help you with your studies. Alternatively, use online services like Google Scholar which can find a multitude of studies, books and other resources that you can use to help you produce a quality academic piece.

Online textbook services like Palgrave can also provide an invaluable service, giving you access to thousands of textbooks.


  1. Be Clear

It sounds like a simple instruction, but it’s something that is easily forgotten about. When you are attempting to put forward an argument, use the rule that Einstein always stuck by – everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Remember that your teacher or professor will be looking to see that you have a core understanding of the topic you are writing about, and will be less concerned about using unnecessarily large words or phrases to make your point.


  1. Be Grammatically Correct

Being clear does not mean, however, that grammar becomes less important. In fact, your use of proper grammar can help reinforce your point, and allows you to make your argument as clear as possible. Failure to spot basic grammar mistakes not only means you’ll lose marks when it comes to your final grade, but it delegitimizes you as an academic.


If you are unsure about spelling and grammar, and need some assistance, there are online essay writing services that can provide editing services. UK Top Writers can provide essay writing services and editing that makes it possible for you to create essays you are truly proud of.


  1. Use Correct Referencing Formats

Before providing you with an assignment, your lecturer, professor, or teacher will have provided you with information about how they wish you to reference your sources.

It’s essential that you use the referencing system and format asked of you. This allows your teacher to see the sources more easily you have used and understand your essay, and it avoids any potential delays that can be caused by confusion. Websites like Write Express can help you with this.


Consider these five tips a great start to improving your academic performance. Lifehack can provide you with a wide range of others tips that will help during your academic career, and as long as you remain open to learning, your academic career will be a success.


Guest Post: Rachel Summers, British Journalist. 

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