Yoga Design Lab – luxury recycled exercise mats

Meet Yoga Design Lab, the brand that combines health and fitness with environmental protection!

Yoga Design Lab is a Bali-based yoga brand that is quickly building a great reputation for themselves through their passion for preserving our natural surroundings, as well as improving the world’s health and fitness. Their summer collection brings a vibrant selection of yoga mats, made from natural tree rubber and recycled plastic bottles! 

The mat is lightweight, flexible, and easy to carry as it comes with it’s own sling holder for practicality. It’s thin enough to be portable but still provides support during exercises on a hard floor, making it very hard wearing. The smoothness of the mat definitely helps your body transition through different exercise moves too. My favourite aspect of these mats is that there’s none of the harsh chemical smells that you get with cheaper plastic mats, due to the fact that this one is totally environmentally friendly! Reducing production of one-use plastics is a massive contemporary issue, and to see a popular brand committed to this is so refreshing. 


The anti-slip underside is perhaps the most useful feature, providing support when you need it most. What’s more, the mats come in a great selection of varying colours and patterns, allowing you to express yourself and make your workouts that little bit more unique. 

Available to purchase for reasonable prices on Amazon.

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