You know you’ve found your uni BFF when…


You know you’ve found your uni BFF when:

1) You laugh at everything. Literally, everything. Even things no one else finds funny, and if you’re perfectly honest, you’re not even sure why you do. In fact, you only need to say one thing and you’ll both be in stitches for the next 5 minutes. Ah, bestie love.

2) You spend 24/7 with each other. You even begin to wonder if people think you have any other friends. You rock up to every lecture/event/party together, and if for some reason they’re not by your side, you feel ever so slightly lost.

3) You wait to eat your meals together. It’s just not the same having to make your dinner by yourself. In fact, you know its true friendship when they simply share your love of junk food… #fattys4life.

4) You love the same TV programmes. So much so, that you repeatedly end up having seriously long discussions about them, and the highlight of your week is cuddling up and watching next week’s episode together. Awww.

5) You get called the same person. Or you just end up saying it yourself. You guys may as well be twins, you’re just too alike. Maybe there is such a thing as fate…

6) You share each other’s clothes. It’s a major benefit to being a girl, and it’s one you embrace. For a night out, a cheeky swap of clothes never goes a-miss, oh and it just so happens that you guys are the same size too. This is what dreams are made of.

7) You can act completely weird around each other, and you simply don’t care. If there’s one person you can be a complete freak around, it’s your BFF. In fact, they’re so used to your weird outbursts, they don’t even notice it anymore. Oh, and you’ve successfully made them just as weird as you. Congrats.

8) You start to use the same words. You’ve spent so much time around each other, that you now start sounding like each other too. Oops.

9) They’re your first point of call for some well needed advice. They’re the one person who can be brutally honest with you, and you don’t mind. In fact, this is why you go to them. By the end of it, you know you’ll be laughing your heads off again for some reason or another.

10) You can rely on them to get you absolutely smashed on a night out. And still trust them to look after you, despite them also peaking too soon. Some of your best, and most hilarious, nights out will happen with them. Fact.

11)You have withdrawals from their weirdness at the end of each Uni term. Sigh.

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Maddie Clifford

A 20 year old English Language student living in the big city of Birmingham...and absolutely loving it!

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