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Leeds & Reading - Alexey LysenkoSummer is coming up which means so are a whole host of great British festivals. Wherever you plan on going, there are essential items you need to take with you to ensure you have the best all-round experience you can.

Toilet roll: festival toilets are, by and large, the stuff of nightmares. To try and avoid some terror, make sure you take a toilet roll with you. Also doubles up as tissues and a cleaning cloth for those who suffer from hay-fever or are just messy!

Camping chair: this is one thing I always have to take with me – sure it’s an extra thing to carry, but it’s not too large or too heavy and is definitely worth it to be able to sit comfortably for however many days you’re going for. They also usually have drinks holders, which will be getting used quite a lot, let’s face it!

Drinks: following on from the drinks holder, the drinks. Pretty much everyone enjoys a drink at a festival, and why not, you’re there to party! Now you don’t want to be carrying around a load of drink with you for the whole journey, so try to buy it as close as you can to the festival! Also, try to not take too many heavy things like multiple crates of beer; that makes your walk to the campsite pretty hard and pretty lengthy (I know from experience, unfortunately).

First aid: and following on from the drink, the hangover! If you do go a little too hard, make sure you have something like Paracetamol with you. I find a painkiller with caffeine in works best, but anything is quite a good idea to just take the edge off and make sure you can power through the next day.

Baby wipes and deodorant: a godsend if you’re feeling a bit grubby (which you certainly will). Baby wipes are often described as ‘a shower in a bag’ and it only takes 30 seconds to wipe it over your face – lovely. The deodorant is pretty self-explanatory I’d imagine.

Sleeping bag: well duh! I’d also recommend taking a pillow or cushion and a sleeping mat too. If you’re feeling a bit luxurious you can take an inflatable bed, but please note, this will need to be inflated once you get there.

Suncream/waterproof/wellies: with the glorious British summer we can never be sure what we’re going to get weather-wise. Before you go, check what it’s going to be like and pack accordingly. I’d say always take something for any eventuality, just to be safe. Always take wellies no matter what!

Light food: when I say light I mean it literally; you don’t want to be carrying unnecessary weight. To be honest, you’re not going to be eating a balanced diet while you’re there, so stuff like crisps, biscuits and popcorn are good choices.

Apart from the glaringly obvious, like clothes and water, can you think of anything else you should always take to a festival? Comment below!

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    Sunglasses or some form of hat
    Sometimes the sun can be behind the stages which makes it hard to see what is going on and can really ruin watching the bands.
    Hats also come in good if its sunny as it stops you burning your scalp and if it rains it isn’t in your eyes either.

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