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Last Friday I had the opportunity to head down to London for the Your Uni Their Lives 2014 summit. This summit was an amazing opportunity to see the great work that Hope for Children are doing through the Your Uni, Their Lives idea.

For those of you who don’t know, Hope for Children was founded in 1994 and it’s sole aim is to help children to reach their full potential. They created Your Uni, Their Lives in order to recognise the amazing work that student’s do for their organisation with all funds raised going solely to their projects in East Africa.

The event was held over two days with Student Ambassador training taking place on Friday and the summit on the Saturday. HOPE have Student Ambassador’s in universities all over the UK with some members being a part of their RAG society and others working alongside the RAG to raise as much money as possible for the projects. You can apply to be a Student Ambassador for your university if you want to be a part of it like I have!

The summit took place on Saturday right by the Thames and Tower Bridge which was a novelty for me having never been to London before, I started to look a lot like a tourist after taking too many pictures out of the window of the offices. Throughout the day various talks took place from professionals with experience across all areas with the aim to highlight all of the work that has been done and could be done in the future.

With an insightful seminar from communication expert, Edie Rush followed by a look into the world of digital marketing, then tips and advice on getting the most out of fundraising whilst at university, rounded up with a look into the work that HOPE actually do. The day was jam packed full of everything that would get any student fundraiser itching to get started.

As part of the fundraising process Ambassadors have the opportunity to take part in an adventure whether it is Kilimanjaro or Guatemala. The Ambassador then takes this back to their university and students can get involved this way. Raising the money to go and even more to donate to HOPE. If you haven’t heard about how you can get involved, I’ll be posting more information shortly of which universities are involved and who your point of contact is.

If you don’t fancy climbing a mountain then there are tonnes of other ways to get involved so follow @HOPEYUTL on Twitter to stay updated.

Photo Credit: Lanny Partain via Compfight cc

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