You’ve almost survived exams

It’s the last week of exams for most universities and it’s almost time to get back into the university spirit for another few months… all be it with less hair and a few extra pounds from the stress and over eating. Don’t tell me you lose weight from the stress of it all. Don’t be that person.

By now you’ve either lost the motivation that has kept you going for 2 weeks or realised that you should probably get cramming now. Why revise when you could go out, enjoy yourself and then leave it all until the night before, right? I can’t say I’ve lead that lifestyle, my last 2 weeks have been spent in my second home. You really start to re-evaluate your life when it’s 11pm on a Saturday night and you’re getting into your 12th hour at the library.

How will you be celebrating your freedom? I can already taste the beer that will dribble down my chin in excitement of alcohol. Dry January happened but not out of choice. Well almost dry January, 3 weeks is almost a month… No doubt the weekend will be jam packed full of people getting over-excited in the evening and spending the following day in bed, completely guilt free. Well almost guilt free, we’ll pretend that McDonald’s didn’t happen, plus if you don’t remember it… it doesn’t count?

Exam time probably holds more work than you’ve done all year, so give yourself a pat on the back. Especially if you’ve only screamed with frustration once, a few tears are OK and maybe try and ween yourself off energy drinks from this point forward? A caffeine addiction isn’t what you need going forward. But you’re here! The final week, the end is in sight… THANK GOD

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